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    Create and Maintain:

  • Webpages
  • Product Pages, Galleries, Portfolios
  • Courses and Course Contents
  • Team Members/Faculties
  • Blog
  • News Feeds
  • Multi-lingual Pages
  • Page Banners
  • Categories and Subcategories
  • Forms
  • Surveys
  • Analytics
  • Integrate any Shopping Cart and Payment modules
  • Maintaining Top Menu Bar
  • Allowing 1 level Dropdown Top Menus
  • Providing WYSIWYG kind of Editor
  • Uploading site specific resources (Images, Music Files, videos, Flash Files, etc.)
  • Embedding Images, Music Files, Videos, Flash Files
  • and almost anything you wish.

Any endeavour commercial, non-commercial, social, recreational does not get completed without an efficient and effective website. In fact a website is the digital face of every venture. The website also needs to be highly dynamic, there needs to be a constant update of the features and contents. So it is necessary to provide a complete control over the content of the website so that the updation job can be performed by any non-technical person. The Content Management System popularly abbreviated as CMS has become the backbone for any web creation. Many commercial CMS products and modules are available. However, there are certain kind of constraints involved while using these products. Another issue is the complexity involved in managing the content via these tools.

At BSNS, we have come up with a very lightweight and simple CMS system which would make the serious task of content updation a child's play. The  ॐ  CMS helps any site administrator/owner to monitor, modify and maintain the website as easily as editing a word document.

So its now easy to add pages, products, change content, images, articles, blogs, news updates, social feeds, etc. We have also delivered even more complex systems like library management, e-commerce solutions, online content delivery, university course creation, students enrollment, assignment evaluation, shopping sites and many more.

 ॐ  CMS system is a totally customizable one. You can get any feature or module created or tweaked via our dedicated developers team. So now forget all other CMS systems and the headaches associated with them and go for  ॐ  .