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  • User Interface (UI) Design
  • Wireframes
  • Assets creation
  • Content Strategies
  • Brand Identity - Logos, Graphics, Prints, Packaging, Photos
  • User Experience (UX) emphasis
  • Plugins integration
  • Color themes
  • Responsive layouts

The term "Web Designing" has a very wide scope. It's not just the creation of a webpages and its looks, but got many facets attached to it. Those include the Layouts, Wireframes, Logos and other Assets like images, icons, photos etc, Special effects, Responsive pages for all screen sizes and resolutions.

A website is effective only when it scores high on the UX count. A user should feel at home while navigating through the webpages. The information sought by the user should be clear and unambiguous. The protocols for links, pages, buttons, images, forms should confirm to the standards and not deviate much to confuse the user. Also there should be limited usage of plugins and special effects. The page layouts, images should be responsive to all screen sizes and resolutions. The fonts should be clearer and readable. Colors should be soothing and not overwhelming.

The web-designers and graphics artists at BSNS are very good at the user experience designs. They are masters at creating a website which is at a perfect harmony with the users. So be confident that a good job will be done for your website. Allow us to serve you and serve well.